“I am dreaming a world where each may have the wisdom to treat all beings with love and respect.”

Leticia has been a visionary since childhood, with loving connections to the plant and animal kingdoms, and clear recollections of a past life existence. As a teen she was drawn to explore the heavens, analysing planetary influences on human personality. Thus commenced a lifelong study of Astrology and a 40-year development of her uncanny accuracy in mapping and reading the life-path, purpose and gifts of an individual.

At the age of 21 Leticia was thrust into a dramatic near-death encounter, during which she found herself travelling to the light, and enfolded in the unconditional love of Great Spirit. In this life-changing experience she was shown many extraordinary facets of the human soul, and the life-path missions of humans on their earth-walk. She returned with the knowledge that she would spend her life helping to heal, empower and inspire others by reintroducing them to their own source of light.

Many years ago, while living in the US, Leticia felt called to the Shamanic path and received teachings from many wonderful Native American ‘relatives’. She also trained in Michael Harner’s method with Dana Robinson, studied Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan and on her return to Britain, Haitian shamanism with Ross Heaven, with whom she has run a one-year workshop.

A published author, Leticia has written for major newspapers and magazines both here and in the US, and has guest-appeared on radio and television programmes both sides of the Atlantic. Leticia was particularly renowned for surprising John Major, in a one-to-one reading, that he would one day be prime minister, at a time when this was not under consideration. Leticia has been consulted by royalty for private readings and energy cleansing of royal rooms and buildings.

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