I want to thank you for giving me the strength for taking back control of my life and helping me to 'let go'. After the reading yesterday I feel positive of the changes to come knowing and that I needed to protect my inner child. I was dreading the confrontation with my ex. But now thanks to your counsel, I remained calm throughout the discussion and did not lose my temper in anger or fear. - D. C (October 2004)

I always treasure your advice, your wisdom and your warm and caring energy. I am so happy. But I am not just receiving love I am also giving it wherever I walk.
- Brigit M., Germany

The workshop last weekend was phenomonal: so alive, instructive and entertaining. When I first met you I didn't think you would be able to show me how I could change my life as much as you have; I wish I had met you sooner but it was not meant to be! One day, soon I hope, I will be in a position to show my gratitude and return your infinite kindness and patience, and thank you yet again for willingly sharing your knowledge, and for your guidance. These words I send with my deep thanks and with love. - Jackie (September 2004)

Leticia, I do believe you are a great shaman and a wise woman with a loving heart.
- J. Nichol, Surrey

I have been on many workshops and have quite a lot of experience with healing and mysticism, but this was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. I felt blessed being permitted to share this experience. Thank you Leticia.
- A. Wilkinson

Leticia, thank you for the words of wisdom. I know how loved we have all been by you, on this workshop.
- Donna Waugh, Essex

You are truly a wise woman, and I have learned immeasurably from being on your workshop. Thank you for your gentleness.
- Tina Watson, London

Attending your workshop has opened my eyes to my own gifts and the beauty in all things. It is true, we are all one.
- Claire Wilson, London

I am a better healer and a better person thanks to the workshop I have just attended. Thank you Leticia for the clarity of your teaching.
- James Townbee, Yorkshire

From recipients of readings…

“Why didn’t I do this years ago!”
- George Strethen, Wimbledon

“How can you know so much about me simply from knowing my birth data?”
- Tina Bowles, Southampton

“If only I had done this long ago, my life would have been far less complicated”
- Mary Bennett, Worthing

“I was nervous about having a reading, I was afraid you’d tell me something awful, but everything you have told me has been really helpful and positive. I now know I can go forward with my life. Thank you for your kind, wise advice.”
- F. Parker, London

“I will recommend you to my colleagues, I can’t believe how accurate and perceptive you are. Your points are valid and your suggestions very wise and appropriate”
- Dave Eaton, London

“Thank you for your kindness. I feel I have been ‘sleepwalking’ and you have just woken me to myself. This information is really valuable”
- Dorothy Parker, Portsmouth

“ I will be back, this is the most useful information anyone has ever given me”